Our Vision

Our grid for processing our strategy is Vision, Vehicles, and Values.


Our vision is the same vision that Jesus and the early disciples had. We want to be an extended family who shares the Gospel, makes disciples, and brings the Kingdom of God into places where Christ isn’t the King yet.


In order to arrive at the destination, our vision, we’ll need a fleet of different vehicles to take us there. We focus less on what the vehicle looks like and more on where the vehicle is taking us in discipleship.


Values dictate how you ride in your vehicles while you’re traveling towards your vision. These explicit values shape how our community feels and functions as a family.

Christ before Christianity
It's all about Jesus, not religion or institutions.

Love finds a need and meets it
Love unselfishly chooses the highest good for others and is active in pursuing that.

We before me
Community is greater than the individual. Who you’re with is more important than what you’re doing.

You get what you give
Like our Heavenly Father, we are generous and open handed with everything.