Small Groups

This is our personal space vehicle and it is like a SUV with 6-8 people. It’s a flexible close knit group that naturally forms within Gospel Communities. The distinctive outcomes are support, challenge, and closeness.


Becoming Doers of the Word

We want to equip believers with the right tools to experience the truth of scripture for themselves, hear God's voice, and be able to act in faith from what they hear.


Know with our head

We want to empower believers to think for themselves and reason together to discover the truths of God's Word which brings freedom in our lives.


Sense in our heart

We want all believers to have a testament in their heart, a personal life experience, of what they know to be true.


Do with our hands

We hope that each beliver would take what they know and experence, and live that out in real time; commiting their lives to the covenant relationship and responsibility that God has called them to and has prepared for them.


If you'd like to be connected with someone in your area involved in a Gospel Community, follow the link and complete the contact form to hear back from us, We'd love to hear from you.


Accountability Relationships

This is our intimate space vehicle and it is like a compact car with 2-3 people in it. The outcomes are vulnerability, safety, and intimacy. With intentionality, these types of relationships can form within small groups, or gospel communites.



This is our personal space vehicle that we use to train leaders. It is like an exercise bike class with 6-8 other people. Huddle is invitation only and the place where future and current leaders are discipled intensely and are trained to disciple others. It’s a master’s class residency for those wanting to invest in others and lead a vehicle.