June 2011- God plants seeds in the hearts of Drew and Shari Witt to consider a new expression of the Gospel San Antonio. They don’t know how, or where, but they start listening.

June 2012- The Witts and five friends meet in San Pedro Park and begin to pray, “God, where are you already at work, and how can we join you?” They don’t have a formal place to worship, so they just continue to get together, functioning as a “gospel community” in parks, apartments, and restaurants around midtown.

December 2012- God provides the opportunity to worship regularly in the former Borden Milk Plant (now Extra Space Storage). It will take some renovation and some patience, but it is clearly where God is leading.

June 2013- The gospel community has its first gathering in the new facility on their one-year anniversary.

January 2014- The Gathering moves into a larger, code-compliant worship space in the Borden Milk Plant. As more gospel communities begin to form, the worship space is a central location where they receive training and encouragement for lives spent fulfilling the Great Commission.

January 2015- Leadership from The Gathering begins to meet regularly with the leadership of Grace Fellowship for prayer, worship, encouragement and message preparation. It becomes clear that God is using this relationship with Grace to bring The Gathering into a larger work.

August 2015 - As Gathering Midtown, the church joins with what is now Grace Northridge to establish a family of mid-sized, neighborhood-focused, reproducible churches along the Broadway Corridor.

July 2019 - Gathering Midtown became a stand-alone "Mission Church" in the Anglican Mission in North America (AMiA).

January 2020 - Gathering Midtown transitioned out of the Ashby Warehouse and into Hawthorne Academy and began meeting on the weekends in their beautiful 440 seat auditorium.

March 2020 - The Rona took the globe by storm and Gathering Midtown pivoted to doing worship services on YouTube (until it's safe to resume meeting).