microGATHERINGS Have Kicked-off!

Hey there! We’re glad that you're interested in our Micro Gatherings. To get connected with a microGATHERING Host please fill out this form

At Gathering Midtown we value corporate and communal worship and the ways in which it can minister to the human soul. Joining together on Sunday mornings reminds us of the great cloud of witnesses that God has blessed us with. It also reminds us that our lives are meant to be aimed in worship at our Father in Heaven. Unfortunately the global pandemic has thrown a wrench into the way that we normally operate. In response we felt the Lord calling us to create a way for the people of Gathering Midtown to worship communally while still adhering to safe group-gathering practices. What we felt led to was Micro Gatherings. 

Micro Gatherings are groups of 10 or less people that gather together on Saturdays or Sundays to watch our YouTube service, worship, and experience community.

The Micro Gatherings meet during the specified time set by the group Lead on either Saturday or Sunday. We heard time and time again that people were just missing that all too precious face to face interaction. We believe that Micro Gatherings are the best way to accomplish this goal and bring God’s children back together in proximity. 

There is no pressure to join if you feel uncomfortable with groups or meeting together with others. We totally understand that there is still a lot that is unknown about the virus and its implications on us and our society. However, we still desire for you to join us on Sundays at 10:30am at our Youtube channel so that we can connect through worship and the Word digitally. Our hope is that God, working through our efforts, will bless and minister to you in this time. 

If you have questions make sure to fill out our microGATHERING form to receive answers and to start getting plugged-in.