What Is a Next Steps Dinner? 

Getting to know a church, its history, and its people can sometimes seem daunting. It can also take a long time for someone to connect when they're left unguided. At Gathering Midtown we desire to opperate in total transparency, making information about who we are readily available to anyone. Attending a Next Steps Dinner is the best way that we've found to guide people to a fully formed picture of who we are and what we're about. 

We begin the evening by sharing a meal and getting to know one-another. Afterward we all gather to hear the story of Gathering Midtown and get answers to any questions that people might have. We typically have about 10-20 folks attend giving the evening a fun, family feel. Our Next Steps Dinners are a low-pressure, low-key way to learn about Gathering Midtown's history, passions, and calling.