Ministry Plan


At the end of each year, we spend a significant amount of time praying, listening, discussing, and journaling through what God has done and where we sense Him moving us in the future. The result of that work of discernment is what we call a Ministry Plan. It's not perfect or complete, but it is our best effort to get a sense of how the Lord desires to grow His ministry through us in the next year.

It's Our Ministry Together.

All believers in Christ are called to be representatives of the Kingdom of Heaven. Together, we have the honor and responsibility of establishing an 'embassy of the Kingdom of Heaven' in the heart of our city that will make, mature, and multiply disciples of Jesus. Will you:

  • Set aside some space to read and pray though the Ministry Plan?
  • Ask the Lord where He's calling you to help?
  • Make a commitment to pray, serve, and give this year?
  • Reach out to me if you have any questions?

Why Do We Do Promise Cards?

The reality is that ministry takes money, and money is muscle for ministry. That said, administrating and operating a church is tricky because it's done on a donation basis. Our expenses and overhead are fixed, but donations are inevitably flexible and fluctuate from month to month and season to season.

Our process is to make a yearly budget based off of yearly Promise Cards. We take the information given to us through Promise Cards, look at what the last year's budget was, our current and future needs, and plan accordingly. Add a huge amount of faith and prayer, and we now have a church!

Praying through and submitting a Promise Card - even if you did one last year - is a HUGE thing for us as a church. We believe it helps you in your discipleship as a giver. No one floats into spiritual maturity or generosity accidentally. It takes intention, effort, budgeting, discipline, and commitment. The Promise Card is an opportunity to grow in being intentional about giving monthly to the Gospel work that God has given us.

It also benefits our church Leadership Team and administrators. 

We have big needs such as ongoing ministry expense, new staff hires, health insurance, liability insurance, facility rent, benevolence, and missionary giving, just to name a few. Having an accurate picture of what our church income will look like helps us determine what God is calling us to do and when. 

If you believe in our mission together, and Gathering Midtown is your church, will you serve our church family by making a commitment to regularly giving of your tithes and offerings? Will you communicate that to us through a Promise Card by Sunday March 4th?

There are two ways you can do so:
      1. Fill out an analog Promise Card and drop it in the Joy Box at church by March 4th.
      2. Fill out the digital Promise Card here