Gospel Communities

The primary way we disciple people is through Gospel Communities. They range in size from 10 to 20, and exist to serve either a network, or neighborhood of people. Each GC has a unique rhythm of gathering that is influenced by those they are trying to reach.

Gospel Communities are families of servant hearted disciples who are sent together to make other disciples. The old adage, "it takes a village to raise a child," rings true. Disciples are not produced overnight by one individual, it takes a family, and for that reason it takes a lot of care. Inevitably, great pains and sacrifices are discovered: In other words, it gets messy. Yet, all of the joys and wonder that God intends in the family are just as present when we see one another flourish in our identity in Christ, and in the fulfillment of our major roles in God's family. It's worth it.

The best way to find a Gospel Community is by worshiping with us on Sundays. You’ll be introduced to people who can help guide you into a Gospel Community in a way that is relational and appropriate.