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In college my buddies and I would drive all around Texas trying to find adventure. Sometimes, when we were lucky and just a little flush with cash, we'd travel and find a wave to ride or a canoe to paddle or a mountain to climb. The crux of the idea was to find fun. The goal was to find joy and happiness and play. Play, for us at least, was an activity that consisted of three main components. These components were as follows: Being outdoors, some form of physical challenge, and being together. That's basically it.  

When God's children engage in fun and play they engage with Him in a unique way. The season of Summer seems to be the season of the year that most people engage in the playful side of nature and the outdoors. Yes, there are tons of things to do and opportunites to be had in the other three seasons of the year but there is just something about Summer. Some unspoken rule that it's the time to just play and be free. And here, at the intersection of play and fun, is an amazing place to stop an look around for the image of God. 

Have you taken your trip to the beach yet? What about the Mountains? Did you go visit family in another state or city? The Summer trip is one way that play engages us in a pretty special way. How? Well, travel and trips ask of us a few unique things, whether we know it or not. Travel requires us to disengage with the normalcy of our everyday lives and become intentional with the adventure in front of us. Typically, it's an adventure that requires us to step into new experiences and opportunities. This is where the playfulness of God can relaly shine through. 

In His scriptures God is constantly meeting His poeple in the midst of travel and in the beasuty of His nature. Being outdoors seems to be something that God likes....a lot. I mean, be honet with yourself, when your outside, having fun, playing, don't you just feel freer? Don't you just feel a sense of openness and joy that you just can't get while sitting inside? This goes back to my theory about Summer. It just opens up more opportunity for stuff like this. 

God actively engaged His people in the wilderness. Adam and Eve in the Garden, Noah on the sea, Moses in the desert, David in the sheep fields. His son Jesus made sure that this characteristic of His Father was kept alive and well. Jesus was almost always engaging people in the beauty and joy of the outdoors. He intentionally engaged his disciples outdoors, in full view of God's creation. And, in a nut shell, that's something that the Summer season offers us in droves. 

So, take some time, even in the heat of the Texas summer, to get out of doors and engage in the play, fun, and wilderness of nature. A place where God can show up in ways that you might just be surprised by.