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First, can we pause for a minute to thank God for answering our prayers? I remember all of us fasting and praying each Friday during Lent. I would weekly walk past Hawthorne en route to the Riverwalk to walk and pray. I wish He would have just said, "Stop. Turn to the right..."

Or did He?

Here are seven things everyone needs to know about our move to Hawthorne Academy.


We will use the main entrance that is facing W Josephine St. It's the one in the picture above. It is handicap, wheelchair, and stroller friendly. While there is a flight of stairs, or two, to get into the Auditorium, there is an elevator to the right when you walk in.


If you've been with us for a while, you can park in the same place on the street. Is this not the world's easiest relocation? Seriously, the two best places to park are either on Josephine St or in the school parking lot on the corner of W Josephine and River Rd.


We will begin worship as usual at 10:30am. It would be beneficial to plan to arrive around 10:15am so you can get parked and situated. We pay for the facility by the hour, so in order to be the best stewards of money as possible, we will be starting promptly at 10:30am. We will end services around 11:55am. We need to be clear of the school by 12:30pm. 

If you park in the school parking lot and decide to walk to lunch after church, which is cool and you should do, you need to move your car first. The parking lot will be locked at 12:30pm.


There are dozens of toilets. Seriously. Women's restrooms are on the first and second floor on the right of the building. Men's on the left.


Kids will be in worship with us as usual and then go to their respective classrooms, which have tons of natural light and a view of Downtown. For security reasons, they will need to be checked in through our software (Breeze) before church.


At the warehouse, we had about 120 seats. That meant on any given Sunday, we were pushing 80% capacity. Movie Theatres "sell-out" at 72% because they found that is the ceiling for social norms. Oops. At Hawthorne, we will have 440 seats. If everyone came, we'd be at 20% capacity. Room to grow! 

Where should you sit? Towards the front and with people.


Going from a 24/7 occupied space to portable is the biggest change our church has experienced to date. God is in it, and we've experienced His grace and hand going before us. That said, for this to work and be sustainable for everyone, we need more people - YOU - to step up. Please consider joining the Set Up or Tear Down Teams. It takes us about an hour to set everything up for worship, and about 30 minutes to tear down. If you want to serve once or twice a month helping out, please email us here.

It's okay to not be okay.

God meets you where you are.

115 W Josephine St
San Antonio, TX