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This Sunday we shared from the third Beatitude: Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.

When I was talking to Bethany, our Church Admin, she shared with me an incredible story from her days when she worked with horses. Check this out:

I am a riding instructor with the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship. As an instructor, I facilitated various equine-assisted activities for children and adults with physical, emotional, and cognitive challenges. At a center I worked at several years ago there was a beautiful paint horse named Lakota who was notorious for being difficult to work with and often aggressive. I had myself experienced that aggression on many occasions resulting in bites and bruises from his powerful hooves. Because of his temperament, he was kept away from our riders but on this particular day he had somehow ended up in an area where he wasn’t supposed to be. I had just finished a lesson with a young girl who had Down syndrome named Sarah and was walking her out of the barn when out came Lakota! Before I had a chance to stop her, Sarah went running at him, full-speed and arms outstretched. I sucked in a breath, terrified to see how he would respond but instead, Lakota surprised me by slowly lowering his head and allowing Sarah to hug his neck and run around his legs patting him and laughing with joy. I was in shock that this powerful horse who could have killed little Sarah with one kick of his legs was instead standing there gently and quietly receiving her love. I got Sarah safely back to her parents and breathed a sigh of relief. Lakota went right back to his old ways as later that night he gave me a good bite on the arm as I was cleaning out his stall just so I wouldn’t forget what he was capable of. I will never forget seeing such a beautiful picture of immense power under control.

I mean, wow. 

The Bible never says, "be humble." It always says, "humble yourself." If you need some tools to aid in that process, download the pdfs linked below. They're gold.