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Palm Sunday is a brief and bright festival right before the days of Lent turn the darkest. Before torches and kisses show up in Gethsemane, there are palm branches and shouts to the King.

One of my favorite quotes about Palm Sunday goes like this:

"We lay our coats in the road before Him. We wave our palm branches over Him. We shout Hosanna to Him. Our welcome reminds us that the Suffering Servant is the Triumphant King. As the King of Glory enters the city and passes us by, we follow Him on the journey to the Cross and towards Resurrection."

We're entering the holiest week of the year - the pinnacle of Christian worship. I hope that you'll be able to pump the brakes on our  American postmodern pace and enter into the depth and riches of this week.

If you need help doing that, I highly recommend at least three things:

  1. Take in and meditate on the Thirteen Events that occurred during the last week of Jesus' earthly life.
  2. Dive into the Holy Week devotions at the tail end of the Joseph Devotional Guide we made.
  3. Join us for worship on Good Friday. We'll meet at our space at 6:30pm and reflect on the last seven words spoken from the cross. It will be good.

Love you,