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Our brand has evolved over the life of our church.

When we were beginning in 2012, we just had a font. It was called Lobster. Everyone used it. It was a design fad, and it's coolness left as quickly as it came.

In 2015, as we transitioned to be a church with the Anglican Mission, we opted to change our logo and have a more official one. Complete with an icon. It was a shield, with a cross at the top, with three triangles symbolizing the trinity on the inside. It served us well.

For the past year, we felt that as the identity and purpose of our church were changing and growing, we needed a fresh way to reflect that. Knowing that we'd be moving locations at the beginning of 2020, it seemed like the natural time.

New decade. New digs. New design.

As we enter the new decade and a new season as a church, I'm thrilled to unveil the next tweaking of our logo.


The typography is different but they should read familiar. They're more articulate and designed.

The main type used for "Gathering" is called Prospectus Pro. It has an ancient feel to it. Indicative of the ancientness of the Faith.

The type for "Midtown" is Museo Slab 700, and reflects our contemporary, yet hand made local feel.


The icon is a planted tree. An image dear to me, our story, and a nod to the big oak tree outside both the old warehouse on Ashby and our new auditorium on Josephine. Now that is an oak of righteousness.

The three circles are rich with symbolism. It speaks to:

  • The Trinity of Father, Son, and Spirit
  • Our interconnectedness as a community
  • The three-round Communion Tables we have now
  • And if you look closely the center one is a shepherd's crook.

By far my favorite part of the new branding is the arch shape that holds the tree. It's inspired by the doorway arch and windows of Hawthorne. Brilliant, Tanner.


Oh, and the colors, they're tweaked slightly but are still familiar. Because blue is my favorite color.

Major thanks and shout out to our in house designer Tanner Freeman. He's the best.