Our Leadership Community.

"Everything is better in teams."

We believe that church leadership is better when it is godly, humble, plural, and diverse. We have three teams of leaders that each serve and lead aspects of our ministry.

Staff Team

The Staff Team handles the day to day ministry work of the church. From worship, kids, facility care, and admin, the weekly and daily responsibilities of the organization are served by the Staff.

Leadership Team

The Leadership Team is comprised of both volunteer and paid leaders. They exist to help establish a healthy, growing, and reproducing church in the heart of San Antonio. They do that by overseeing and leading vision, personnel, church discipline, finances, and property. Some churches use language such as "Board of Directors" or "Board of Elders", but we feel like the term "Leadership Team" is more descriptive and helpful in our context.

Discipleship Team

The Discipleship Team is made up of all Gospel Community Leaders and our Serve Team Leaders. Making, maturing, and multiplying disciples is the heartbeat of every church, and this team leads that assignment.